High-Powered Marketing Overhauls

This solution is intended for both growing and established businesses alike who are looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Like many things in this day and age, branding and marketing canvasses have a “shelf life” and can become less effective over time. By leveraging DMC’s team of marketing professionals to help put a fresh spin on your branding, direct mail campaign, sales systems, or print collateral, you can breathe new life into your initiatives and create new opportunities that otherwise would not exist.

Businesses with in-house producers of their own marketing materials have proven time and time again to show signs of “producer’s eye,” which sets in fairly quickly and can thwart an otherwise spectacular marketing plan when implemented to suit your eyes instead of applying time-tested techniques to appeal to your target audience. DMC takes this to heart with every overhaul project to update and renovate your image without losing sight of what your business stands for at its core.

Whether your initiative needs a rejuvenating face-lift, higher performing copy, or a completely new identity altogether, DMC’s High-Powered Marketing Overhaul can be the perfect solution and are completed in 5 – 10 business days in most cases. The revitalization process is intended for individually-focused programs, mail pieces, or branding packages, and can be extended to multiple areas of your current marketing.

For those finding their business is in need of a full marketing overhaul, we recommend looking at our exclusive Marketing Mastery Program to get the most bang for your buck where DMC dives deep into your sales and marketing programs to become a fully-integrated part of your marketing department.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Interactive Consulting
  • Tailored Strategies
  • Branding & Rebranding
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Event Marketing
  • Holiday Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Blueprints
  • Social Media Plans

We’re Flexible!

Overhauls typically take place in our virtual environment, although there are some occasions where an on-site* visit makes perfect sense and are scheduled based on availability. Any way you slice it, this solution packs a powerful punch to any marketing initiative to deliver accelerated results!

*flat rate travel expenses are assessed for engagements that require more than 100 miles of travel. 

High-Powered Marketing Overhauls


Exclusive Marketing Mastery Program

Vehicle Wraps Printing


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